When to make a continuation bet

When to make a continuation bet

In Texas Holdem poker a continuation bet or “continuation bet” consists of the following: when a player has raised the bet in the pre-flop round, as a general rule he will make a “continuation” bet in the next round, the flop in this case.

In Texas Hold’em there is a big difference between the cash game and tournament strategy in this field. Indeed, in tournament, these continuation bets are not so typical since they can lead you to lose chips if you do it every time . However in cash, it is a way to put pressure on your rivals .

Сontinuation bet

Overall, the meaning of a continuation bet when you are playing Texas Holdem is that you have raised the pre-flop bet with a very good hand, and on the flop, even if it has not accompanied too much, you still have the best hand.

Also as a general rule, the player who makes this bet will take the pot most of the time . We can make a small conclusion that would consist of saying that, as a general rule, we will make a continuation bet when we have made a pre-flop raise. Although this statement has numerous exceptions. Obviously, it will be necessary to clarify the fact of being “by general rule”, which does not mean that it is by obligation, nor that it will always be done.

On the one hand the continuation bet is a kind of basic bet that will normally be made almost independently of what has come out in the flop , so if you have achieved a good play with the flop, the fact of also betting on the flop It won’t mean much and your play can keep you covered. If on the contrary the flop has not accompanied anything to your start play, this continuation bet may consist of a lantern option to take the boat immediately.

We say that this continuation bet is made most of the time, since in addition to Texas Holdem poker the one that originally bets on the previous round is usually respected. This means that the “original raiser”, in whatever position it is, usually reaches out to him without bets due to a kind of intrinsic “respect” with respect to which he initially raised the bet, which will normally allow him to take the initiative of hand.

Сontinuation bet is a kind of routine,

But many times, also due to the fact that the continuation bet is a kind of routine, the rest of the players can try to let the original raiser bet and then re-raise (Check-raise). Other times some player will decide not to respect the one that initially went up and will bet on the face , but this situation is much more rare, since it is normal to leave the word to the one who initially bet, and from there make the desired movement.

We can conclude that in Texas Holdem poker the continuation bet sets a pattern of general behavior, it is a way to maintain the initiative. Although this initiative is not always respected, and can be used in one way or another.


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