Polk accuses Fedor vs Limitless of being rigged

Doug Polk ended his stream of the heads-up challenge early on Friday because he could not believe the performances of both men.

Despite being retired, again, Doug Polk is rarely out of the poker spotlight these days. Last week there was the broadcast of him making one of the great televised folds and he ended the week causing a stir, as he often does.ย 

He was live streaming the Fedor Holz vs WIktor Malinowski first round heads-up match on GGPoker on Friday night when he started to smell something fishy. He felt like the two men were not playing well at all against each other, so much so that he accused them of rigging the match.ย 

So perplexed by the match he was that he actually ended the stream before the contest finished, accusing it of being a rigged match presumably done for publicity for GGPoker. As usual, David Lappin captured the key moments for us:

While many of us assumed that the build up to this match might have been a little bit staged to generate a bit of hype, accusing the two men of essentially chip dumping to one another is a bold statement. Especially as there was a betting market on the event where poker fans had money riding on it. Over $100,000 was wagered with one single $50,000 bet.ย 

However, some poker players have pointed to this in itself potentially being something of set-up, and Polk is trying to goad Malinowski into playing heads-up against his coach ‘clickered777’:

The most plausible explanation is that Polk was just confused to see so many high stakes mistakes that he himself would never make. He even backtracked afterwards on Reddit and suggested his opponents were just drunk (both were drinking during the match) or simply weak at heads-up compared to the standard he was used to.ย 

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