PokerStars short handed SNGs become five max

Sit & Go tournaments will feature less players to make the games go faster after a new trial at PokerStars.

If you are SNG grinder you may have noticed a change in the PokerStars lobby as a lot of six max SNGs are now five max. 

$1.50, $3.50 and $7 SNGs have become five max at regular, turbo and hyper speed formats. 

The payout structure is 70/30 split for the top two players rather than 65/35 in the six max games. This mirrors the short handed SNGs at Unibet which have been five max with the same payout structure for some time. 

5 max
The new five max games

This is a trial of the five max format with a view to rolling it out to more stakes. A PokerStars representative told pokerfuse that this change was made to fill up the games faster in the PokerStars lobby. pokerfuse reported another change which is that Fifty50 SNGs (a hybrid of normal SNGs and DoNs) have gone from 10 handed to eight handed. 

It will be interesting to see if this trial affects the most common SNG format, nine handed games. They have always been the bread and butter for SNG grinders but it would seem the natural conclusion of this trial would be to look at making them eight handed. 

A lot of players might conclude that this is just an attempt to get more rake by running more games, which might be true. However, SNGs are a format that really need a shot in the arm. They have been declining in traffic at all operators for years and the rise of Lottery SNGs like Spin & Go have taken over the attention of recreational players looking for a quick game. 

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