Poker domain name sells for $750,000

Records are broken as the biggest ever purchase for a .net domain name goes to a website (presumably) about poker.


If you want proof poker is not dead you only need to look at the Sunday Million right now which has attracted 65,155 runners (and counting). If you cannot wait until the late registration finishes, here is another example. 

The domain name ‘’ has sold for $750,000 this month. The purchase has been made by ADX Labs, a technology company in Minnesota. 

This is not only a jaw-dropping figure for a poker website domain, it is also the biggest ever purchase of a .net domain name. The previous record was $500,000 for back in 2014. 

All of which suggests that poker is still very much considered a growth industry, at the very least in the United States. 

It is far from the biggest poker related domain name of all, however. In 2017 the owner of the domain ‘’ was looking for offers in the region of $20 million. It doesn’t look like that sold and the website has been dormant for years. It is currently owned by a private owner in Milton Keynes, UK. 

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