Our Unibet rake races will continue

A new payout structure for our monthly Unibet rake races and the latest race is under way already!

We brought you the news last week that Unibet were changing their VIP system and one of the side effects of that was our exclusive rake race would not continue in its current form. However since that announcement we are pleased to inform you that our monthly rake races will continue.

The payout structure for the new monthly race has been changed, because due to changes in local regulations, players whose Unibet account is registered in Sweden, Germany, Belgium and Denmark are currently excluded from the race. When local regulations change those players will be added again.

All activity in February so far will count towards this month’s race results. Check your progress here. 

All you need is a tracked Unibet account to win one of the following prizes:

Place Prize Place Prize Place Prize Place Prize
1 €1,000 5 €400 11-12 €150 25-33 €50
2 €750 6 €300 13-14 €125 34-40 €25
3 €600 7-8 €250 15-19 €100
4 €500 9-10 €200 20-24 €75

This promotion is not available for Unibet players from Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Belgium due to local gambling regulations.


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