News: Rounders Out Loud

We recap the best videos of the week including poker ASMR, more old school/new school and a hand that will remind you all of your home game.

Rounders Out Loud

A sterling effort by Matt Kiefer if you are both a fan of Rounders and also the Solve4Why series Poker Out Loud, where poker players all wear noise cancelling headphones to describe their thought processes while playing live poker. 

Poker chips ASMR

Greg Goes All-in brings the goods once again with quite a surreal offering. You kinda have to know what the Twitch genre of ASMR is to ‘get it’. Unless of course he is actually branching out into ASMR, the video is an hour long after all…

“I’ll take your head off”

PokerGO once again pull out a classic from the archives, the confusion which led to a very heated feud between Prahlad Friedman and Jeff Lisandro in the WSOP Main Event:

Old school vs new school – overbet bluffs

KidPoker is back teaching himself GTO and his audience at the same time, this time looking at the merits of an overbet bluff using back in the day logic as well as a modern approach:

“My hand sucks”

And now for the most viewed poker clip on Twitch this week, bringing you the home game vibes to the online felt, with all the NSFW language you would expect:

Who are you watching on YouTube? Let us know in the comments:


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