News: Population reads at NL10

Join our coach tonight after he tackles the micro stake level that most of you asked him to cover live tonight on Twitch.

LemOn36 is back with the latest in his series of one-off Monthly Live Micro Grinds where he tackles a different topic each time while playing live at the online felt.  

Our coach has had a lot of requests to visit the NL10 streets so he is going there tonight. This is one of the more common stakes for our members so it will be of value to a lot of you.

Tonight you can expect:

  • Population analysis of the NL10 players
  • Adjustments to the players, rake and tendencies at this stake level
  • Interesting spots worthy of further analysis during the action

Plus as always it will be a fun time in the chat, so don’t miss out on this stream whatever level you are at. Find out more in his special coaching thread.


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