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We continue our look at HUD stats you can learn from even (if you don’t use a HUD) with a metric that tracks double barrel bets.

poker basics
The turn is the street where players give up a lot

You can learn from HUD stats, even if you don’t use tracking software and even if you are playing live. 

Turn CBet is literally the percentage of times a player will bet the turn. You may be surprised that we have not yet featured Flop Cbet in this Poker Basics series, but there is a reason for that. Turn CBet tells us a lot more about a player.  

In the modern era most players know that when they contination bet on the flop after showing aggression preflop, they can use their range advantage to take down a lot of pots. You expect a relatively high frequency of Flop Cbets from most players. 

Turn Cbet is a measure on how often a player will double barrel. When it is high, in other words when the difference between Flop CBet and Turn CBet is not much, you can expect an aggressive player. When it is identical it is probably a very exploitable player. When there is a big gap between Flop CBet and Turn CBet you usually have a predictable player who you can get to give up on later streets.

Develop a multi street strategy

poker basics
You don’t need a HUD to use this stat

Understanding the relationship between Flop CBet and Turn CBet allows you to develop a solid multi street strategy.

The classic example is if a player has a high Flop CBet and a low Turn CBet, you can profitably float them when you are in position. You can bluff any turn when they check and get away cheaply when they double barrel. 

If a player has a high Flop CBet and almost identical Turn CBet then they are usually overly aggressive. Against these players you can bluff catch and slow play strong hands against them, or bluff raise them on the turn if you have a good blocker hand. 

Again, you do not need to have a HUD to learn the lessons of this stat. Pay attention to how often a player will double barrel or give up on the turn and you can develop reliable ways to exploit them. 

If you do play on a site that uses a HUD and you are interested in using one, we recommend PokerTracker 4 which you can try for free right here.  

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