How to get poker Black Friday deals all year around

Now that Black Friday is over we look at some of the ways you can get more bang for your buck as a low or mid stakes poker player.

Get more cashback with rake races

Most sites have a standard cashback deal but when you sign up to Unibet via PokerStrategy you can also get in on our €10,000 rake race, which is like extra cashback if you make the money.

Finish in the top 75 to guarantee one of these prizes and we have found that you only need to generate about €233 in rake to win an extra prize. We estimate for most players it is like an extra 20% cashback on top of what they normally get.

We also have a similar promotion at Betsson if you already have a Unibet account.

Place Prize Place Prize Place Prize
1 €1,300 5 €500 11-15 €150
2 €1,000 6 €400 16-30 €100
3 €800 7 €300 31-75 €50
4 €600 8-10 €200

Get staked at GGPoker

For a long time staking has been the way to play in bigger games but until now it has been wrought with difficulty and scandals. That is not the case with GGPoker who have a unique staking client that removes any dispute.

You can set your terms and even charge a markup on your action, as well as sell action if you make Day 2.

You need to be doing quite well as a player if you realistically want to get staked, so newbies will struggle to get backers, but it is a perfect way to try out the next stake level at less risk.

You can charge markup at GGPoker

Stake players for free with Double Action

One way to get the thrill of having staked somebody without reaching into your pocket is our via Double Action Freerolls (which you can also play).

If you refer members via our Tell-a-Friend programme and they go on to cash in one of the Double Action freerolls, you will receive the equivalent amount of their prize money in your Tell-a-Friend account.

This means that the more players you refer, the more you stand to win. So if you have a buddy who is new to poker, get them to sign up and you both win if they go on to cash. 

If that was not enough you also get up to $500 for every friend you refer to 

Double Action Freerolls

Double Action Freerolls
Name Tournament ID Date Time (GMT) Deposit Deadline/
Series Eligibility
Freeroll 4 3035445076 November 29 18:00 Deposit by November 26 and play last 5
Freeroll 5 3035445077 December 6 18:00 Deposit by December 3 and play last 4
Freeroll 6 3035445078 December 13 18:00 Deposit by December 10 and play last 3
Freeroll 7 3035445079 December 20 18:00 Deposit by December 17 and play last 2
Freeroll 8 3035445080 December 27 18:00 Deposit by December 24 and play last 1

The Freerolls can also be found in the PokerStars client under Tourney -> Private.

For full participation details, click here.

Play MTTs for free via social media

This is a hidden gem not everybody knows about, but if you play at a poker room you have to follow them on their social media channels. 

That is because almost all of them give away MTT tickets to their followers just for liking, retweeting or replying to them. It’s a way for them to get wider exposure using the tried and tested method of social proof.

The example below is typical of what GGPoker do every week and most of our partners do something similar:

Get our free poker money

Of course the best way to grab a bargain is not to play with your own money at all and you can do that with some instant bonuses at our partners, some of which don’t even require a deposit.

Please note that the offers below may differ to what is advertised depending on your location:

free poker money


At Unibet you can get £20 of free poker tickets

free poker money


Get $100 in rewards at GGPoker, home of Daniel Negreanu

free poker money


Get up to £20 of free play instantly at PokerStars 

free poker money


No deposit required for our exclusive bonus from 888poker

Don’t pay for poker software

Most poker players realise that if they want to improve, using ‘solver’ technology is the way to go these days, but some of them are very expensive. 

At we have a lot of 30 day trials for the best poker tools and on top of that we also have a number of free poker software solutions you can start using today at no cost.

poker money free

Free ICM software

Our free ICM Trainer Light gets your MTT game up to speed on bubble play in tournaments

poker money free

Free equity software

Our Equilab tool will teach you everything you need to know about odds and equity in poker


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