GGPoker launch final table betting

Another big innovation and another way to win money in games you didn’t enter from GGPoker.

You have to hand it to GGPoker they do a lot of really interesting things which in hindsight leave you wondering why nobody in poker did them before.

They have just launched an in-client betting feature which allows you to wager money on who you think will win some of their high profile final tables. This is in partnership with Mike McDonald’s PokerShares who have been letting players bet on poker events for some time. 

The debut of this feature is in tonight’s $10,300 Super MILLIONS High Roller final table which features Koray Aldemir as the big favourite at 293/100. 

All you have to do is open up the final table of the event you want to bet on as if you are railing it to place a bet. You can bet as little as $0.01 and as much as $500 per bet. You can also see how much money has been wagered on each player so far. 

final table
The new betting client

This innovation is perfectly primed for the Twitch audience who might be railing the event anyway and another step forward towards online poker becoming a legitimate spectator sport. Over the years sportsbooks have tried to host markets on poker events with little success, but this could be the way forward.

This is the second big innovation from GGPoker that allows players to take a financial interest in an event they are not participating in. Players have also been able to stake other players in the GGPoker client, which has helped make staking more robust and removed a lot of the transparancy issues that have plagued it. 

final table
Tonight’s final table

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