GGPoker final table seat selection strategy

You can pick your seat at the final table, what factors should you consider for the most +EV table draw?

Pick your seat at the final table

One of the most unique innovations available at GGPoker is the final table seat selection feature. 

Rather than being seated randomly, the shortest stack gets to pick their seat, then the second shortest, and so on, until the chip leader gets to pick theirs. They can also switch seats, meaning they can move somebody out of their seat. 

There are a lot of strategy considerations here and no doubt a lot of metagame going on, but let’s look at some of the basic advice you should follow, because it is important. 


First and foremost, you should pick who you have position on, that is, who is seated to your right. If there is a particularly bad player at the table with plenty of chips, you should try and get seated to their left. There will be a bit of a war going on to get that seat, so as a consolation, try and at least have position on the most aggressive player and/or the chip leader. Acting after the worst player or the most aggressive player will have the biggest impact on your chances of winning. 

By the same token, it’s best to have the tight players on your left. You can steal their blinds most often without much worry about them playing back at you. 

Even if you don’t know much about them, try to avoid having stacks around 20 big blinds to your left. This is the ideal stack size for a player to resteal over your opens profitably and it will force you to bet/fold a lot of hands. 

Advice for short stacks

The Button is your friend as a short stack

One final nugget of advice from our friend Dara O’Kearney, specifically if you are the shortest stack. 

It helps to act before other short stacks who you can exert the most pressure on, but ideally you want to seat yourself in the Button position. 

Not only is this the most profitable position at the table, but it means you go the longest before posting your blinds. You get to go seven hands before posting the big blind giving you eight shots at adding to your stack before being forced to post. 

It’s a fundamental principle of ICM that the less chips you have, the more each is worth, so starting at the Button protects your chips for the longest time. 

What is your advice for picking your final table seat at GGPoker? Let us know in the comments:


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