Can Flip & Go work in live poker?

Following the news that GGPoker’s Flip & Go would become a live bracelet event, Barry Carter asks if it will be a crowd pleaser?

The WSOP is back!

The most curious aspect of the new WSOP schedule is the $1,000 Flip & Go tournament, which will mirror the online format from GGPoker.

It’s interesting enough that GGPoker continue their incredible growth with this partnership, but the format itself is a strange one to try in the live arena. Especially as the vastly American audience will not have seen this format before.

To remind you, the first hand of a Flip & Go is an all-in shootout where you are dealt three cards face up. You discard one card and then have to beat eight other players at your table. After that the tournament continues as a regular tournament already in the money. You can buy-in for as many as eight stacks and being dealt a strong three card hand also gets you a chip boost. This is why the 2nd stage begins with different stack sizes.

The discard stage could be fun

Flip & Go

It is at the right price point, in fact it should probably be at the $500 price point. This is essentially gambling at the start so you don’t want it to be one of the higher buy-in events. It is quite early in the series and I think it would have been much better near the end, as a lot of people who are stuck for the series might just want to gamble to get out of it.

Believe it or not, there is actually skill to the discard stage and I think it would be a lot of fun to do live. It would make for a short but very conversational table with lots of cheering and whooping when the board gets dealt out. It would certainly make for a few viral videos during the series.

I assume this will happen, but the discard stage would be a fun one table satellite format into this event. You wouldn’t want to play a full satellite to enter an event where you most likely only play one hand, but a single table discard satellite is a fun primer for the event.

A welcome novelty event

Will it be a crowd please?

I happen to love the format online and wish that they would run more of them instead of just every 30 minutes, because I like shorter formats and personally prefer the ICM stages of tournaments.

I can see a lot of recreational players like me seeing this as the quickest route to their first WSOP Hendon Mob flag and likewise, the professionals that do make it to the next stage will have an edge because it is right into the highest equity parts of the tournament.

I think this event will be a hit albeit a fun novelty one. It is actually the sort of thing more festivals should do on the final day and/or once most of the players from a Day 1 field have been eliminated. As long as you keep the price point relatively low compared to the other events and there is the emphasis that this is a fun event rather than a particularly serious one, I think Flip & Go has a place in live poker.

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