Bust Barry Carter to win $500 this week at partypoker

For just a $5.50 entry fee you can x100 your money by busting our editor out of the partypoker Community Poker Knockout!

Community Knockout Poker is a new monthly tournament from partypoker which is among the best value MTTs online today.

It is a $5.50 PKO with $20,000 guaranteed and a lot of added value prizes for busting out guest bounties. 

If you follow the partypoker Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts you will see who some of the guest bounty players are that week, so you can look out for their screen name. 

We can tell you about one of them right now, however, it’s our very own editor BarryCarter who has a $500 bounty on his head

Look out for him with the screen name ApexPredat0r (yes, it’s a Hellmuth reference). 

The tournament takes place this Thursday, July 29, at 19:00 BST on partypoker

How do I claim the bounty?

This is a very easy face to try and knockout – even better if it gets you $500

If you bust Barry or any of the guest bounties you have to do some extra work to claim it. You need to:

  • Take a screen shot of the winning hand
  • Share it with your community on social media 
  • Make sure you tag partypoker in your post
  • It’s not mandatory but if you bust Barry, make sure you tag him on Twitter to gloat about it

Once the win is verified you will recieve your prize

Last longer bet for our forum

The best value MTT of the week?

It’s by no means guaranteed that you will even be drawn at the same table as Barry, which is why we have an extra promotion just for our members. 

If you are playing the event just post in our exclusive thread before the tournament starts with your partypoker screen name. 

Whichever one of our members lasts the longest in the tournament will get $50 credited to their Tell-a-Fried account. Unless there is the unlikely event that Barry actually lasts the longest, which his wife will assure you is near impossible. 

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