An MTT where you can win a direct seat to another final table

Would you play this format? Win an MTT and get ‘parachuted’ directly onto the final table of another event for free.

The event over the weekend

A very curious tournament idea happened over the weekend which got a lot of people talking. 

The Prime Social Summer Series just took place in Houston and it featured a $600 event with a $300,000 guarantee. 

Nobody likes busting a tournament with a nice guarantee, so the tour hosted a $200 side event for players who were eliminated. The twist being that the winner of that side event, in addition to the prize in that tournament, won another seat back in the aforementioned $300,000 event directly at the final table.

It seems only players who entered both tournaments were eligible. The player who was parachuted into the final table would be given 15 big blinds or match the lowest stack at the table, whichever was the fewest chips. They would also be guaranteed 9th place prize money. 

Adrian Curry was the player who won the $200 tournament and went on to come 7th for $13,990 in the $300,000 guaranteed event. You can rewatch the event here. 

Was it unfair?

No doubt he was happy with the format but not everyone was, and a few vocal critics expressed their concerns on Twitter and the poker forums:

It seems to that a lot of players did not realise this unusual quirk was part of the festival and others thought it was very unfair to the other players. This writer actually thinks it’s quite a fun idea that should get tried out a few more times, albeit advertised better. I’m not sure you’d want to do it for prestigious tournaments like bracelet events, but it’s certainly a novel way to keep the side events busy at a festival. 

Do you like this format? Let us know in the comments:


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