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The video poker game allows players to win a large amount of money through a small bet, so it is considered a rewarding game and attracts a lot of popularity, we could even say that it is a classic casino game. Like conventional poker, video poker also requires certain player skills apart from the effect of pure chance. It is the player who decides which cards he wants to keep and which ones to omit from his hand, which resulted in the development of numerous strategies in order to minimize the chances of losing in the video poker game.

Of course, you should understand that there is no method that guarantees victory one hundred percent, but there are sets of guidelines and tips that can reduce the house’s advantage and increase the prizes. Therefore, it is worth studying video poker strategies if you want to start playing or progress in your game.

The Video Poker Rules and Procedures

Those who have had the opportunity to play traditional poker will have no problem accepting the electronic version of this card game. Moreover, the rules are quite simple compared to many other forms of entertainment found in online casinos, so that beginners will easily learn them.

How does a video poker play work? After having chosen the desired variant, the player must determine the value of his bet, activate the game and wait for the five cards to be dealt. Then, it is time to make a decision about which cards should be omitted and which ones to keep for use in the last poker hand. Different combinations of cards equal different payments, so it is essential to understand how hands are classified. Of course, bettors who have already played conventional poker already know that.

For example, 4 equal cards are called Poker, 5 cards of the same suit are called Color, 5 consecutive cards but of different suits are Stairs and so on. The objective of the game is to get a combination of cards with the best prize.

Video Poker tips and strategies

Because a part of the video poker game requires that the player makes his own decisions and therefore changes the course of the play, it is possible to influence the odds of winning with the correct resolutions. Using the perfect strategy, experienced video poker players manage to reduce the home advantage to a minimum percentage. It is also not difficult to learn the strategies and follow the right advice to increase your chances of winning more money in video poker. Read on and you’ll see what you could do too.

First, it is extremely important that one knows how to keep his budget under control . Although the desire to play remains strong, it is always better to reduce your bets to a minimum to enjoy the game for a longer time, without exceeding your chances. In cases when luck does not want to accompany you, it is better to play intelligently and keep your funds for a new opportunity.

Having determined the limits of your budget, you should shrink the video poker variant that suits you best. Although it does not seem that way, this selection is also part of a beneficial strategy for the player, since not all variants of the game pay the same. Knowing well the modality of video poker offered by the casino is an advantageous condition for the player, but in cases where there are several options it is best to opt for the high payment machine.

It is well known that the modality of video poker that offers the best odds is Jacks or Better (Jacks or Better) . As soon as you find an online casino that offers Jacks or Better, you will be playing video poker with the payout percentage above 99%. The second best option is the version of Wild Doses (Deuces Wild), video poker with the four cards with the value of two acting as wild cards.


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