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How to Choose an Online Casino

Gambling and betting is one of the most famous and oldest forms of entertainment in the world. Professional game culture researchers have discovered that human beings have been playing and betting for thousands of years. The game was another fun way in ancient civilizations such as Roman, Egyptian and Chinese.

In fact, many of today’s best known physical and online casino games have hundreds of years of history. For example, there is evidence that the beginnings of blackjack, one of the best-known card games worldwide, dates back to the 17th century.

It seems difficult to think that a form of entertainment so expanded and accepted by such ancient societies is currently prohibited in many countries. The prohibitions imposed by governments do not matter, the game world is not in danger thanks to its millions of fans. The game can be for many a form of entertainment and fun, for others a job, but what is clear is that it is part of the cultural heritage of humanity.

In this article we will focus on mentioning the main gaming strategies for the best known online gambling games in the world such as slots, roulette, blackjack, craps or dice and poker .

Slot machine

All physical and online casino games have a favorable advantage for the house. This percentage determines the advantage that the house has over the player.

The advantage of the house in the case of online slots can vary from 99.95% of loose machines to 80% of less generous slot machines.

Some tips or strategies that could be followed when playing online slots could be:

  • Be clear about the bankroll before starting your game session
  • All slot machines are not equal, for example, find out if it is class II or class III
  • Divide your bankroll between the planned game sessions
  • Play for a limited time.
  • Watch for the speed of the turns or what is the same, the speed with which you consume your bankroll
  • Play the slot with a denomination and percentage that fits your playing style


Roulette is another of the best known games of chance in the world for centuries. Its dynamic and simple style of play has positioned the game among the favorite preferences of millions of players. Over the years, different systems have been devised and validated to win the house.

Progressive betting systems


The Martingale system consists of the betting strategy by which the player doubles his bet after each loss.


The Fibonacci system is a strategy that uses the famous Fibonacci number sequence to decide the size of the bet.


The Labouchère system consists of a negative progression strategy, since the bet increases every time losses are experienced.


This system implies a negative progression and basically consists of betting a smaller amount when you win and a larger amount when you lose.

Last but not least, a good advice or strategy could be to manage your bankroll / funds conservatively .

Black Jack

No one can deny that blackjack is one of the most famous casino games in the world and besides being very entertaining, using the right strategy, the player has enough chances to make money.

For example, the basic strategy is a strategy that has been developed and tested for years and today would be one of the best strategies for the long term, the player profitable his game session.

For the game of blackjack you can also use betting strategies (there are positive and negative) as some of those mentioned above for roulette.

Card counting in the game of blackjack is essential if you intend to specialize in this type of game. This is the best way to know (by memorization) the remaining cards in the shoe and the chances they have to leave.


When you visit a physical casino and see players pointing the results of each hand to try to elucidate a trend or game pattern, you are probably watching a game of baccarat. On the other hand, if you watch a game of baccarat online you will realize that on many occasions the game software will show the results to help players design their game strategy. However, you should not be fooled like an innocent little lamb because if this way the casinos lost or stopped making money do not doubt they would stop “helping you”.

There are obvious similarities between some blackjack and baccarat strategies, since both are card games where the dealer is drawing cards from a shoe. Through the strategy of card counting , in blackjack, a player can decrease the house advantage and anticipate the cards that are about to leave. Unfortunately, the same does not happen in baccarat. Over the years, gambling experts and mathematicians have tried to develop and improve the strategy, although all of them have come to the conclusion that it is possible to reduce the house advantage, but only by very low%.


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